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What Should I Expect After An Adjustment

What should I expect after the first adjustment?


Many people feel a significant degree of relief in the first few hours after their chiropractic adjustment. It can feel like there is a greater amount of movement and less muscle tension, as well as a decrease in discomfort, such as back pain or neck pain, if it was present.


This is usually not permanent and symptoms may return. The function of the adjustment is not to relieve the symptoms immediately, but to allow the joints, muscles and tendons to move better. The healing time for these structures is measured in months. Therefore relief of discomfort is not a sign that the problem has healed.


How long before I feel better?


As was mentioned above the healing time is measured in months, however pain relief or symptom reduction is expected in the first 4 to 8 adjustments. Based on a typical schedule , that is roughly during the first three weeks of care for most people. Caution must be advised during this period because it is very easy to believe that the problem has gone when it is really only a relief of symptoms. True healing takes more time.


How can I help myself?


There are several things that you can do to help yourself whether you are receiving adjustments or not.


Firstly, if you are in pain do not panic, pain is a natural protective response. It does not feel nice, but it is not supposed to. In the majority of cases an ice pack applied to the area for 10 to 15 minutes, then taken off for 10 minutes and reapplied again in similar cycles, will give excellent  relief. Avoid heat on any inflammed joint, or an area of strong pain.


A product we recommend is biofreeze. It creates a cooling sensation and mild pain relief when applied. It is useful if you need to be out and about.


Keep moving. It does not need to be much, just lying on your back rocking your knees side to side is better than being still. If it is difficult to move take your time.

biofreeze ice pack