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0191 4911006

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552 Durham Road, Low Fell, NE9 6HX

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractic aims to stimulate your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and help you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits so that you are able to thrive in the world.


Much like managing your garden you need water, food, light, movement and a regular challenge to stimulate great health. Chiropractic is a system for life that is like having a gardener help you choose the most productive techniques and plants, thereby, allowing you to have an abundant, beautiful garden.


Not only can you enjoy this “garden” of  health, but your family, friends and community benefit from your vitality as well.


Live more life with chiropractic.

Initial Assessment


Although back pain, headaches and neck pain are immediately obvious reasons to seek out a chiropractor, we would like to encourage people to adopt chiropractic care into their lifestyle to enhance their health and fitness.


The core concept of chiropractic is to set the body up so that it is more able to adapt effectively to the stress of the external, and internal world. This of course involves more than a few quick "cracks" to "fix" your back pain. Our aim is to help you adopt a lifestyle to give yourself the best health in the future.


To simplify, we need to Move Well, Eat Well and Think Well. Your chiropractor should be a key advisor during your health journey.