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Tips for gardeners

Spring is in the air, the nights are getting longer, the clocks have changed, the birds are getting frisky and our gardens are awakening from their winter sleep. Most of us look forward to the sunny weekends to finally get the chance to get things organised again.


If you have been like myself, this winter has lead to a greater degree of laziness than usual. Unfortunately this means that our muscles are out of condition and quite likely to feel the consequences of any form of vigorous work.


It only takes a few weeks of inactivity to send your fitness down the tube – take for example what happens to arm muscles when a broken bone is put into a caste, then removed six weeks later. The muscle waste away dramatically. The same thing happens when we are sedentary, and worse than that, it’s throughout the entire body.


So, for those keen to get stuck in over the coming weeks and months, here’s a word of warning. Treat it like a fitness training program. Don’t expect to put in a full days work and not to feel the consequences.


Start off doing half and hour at a time, wait several hours and do another short spell. If you wake the following day without feeling stiff and sore, do an hour in the morning and another at night, and so on until you can fill the gap between the two sessions.




It would be best to have started preparing for this time of year at least six weeks ago by walking every day for about an hour, and some regular stretching. Essentially, this is no different to pre-season training for football, or any other sport.


For advice, or treatment, as well as your GP, you may want to consider having yourself checked over by a chiropractor. Chiropractors focus of the importance of mobility throughout the body, and its effect on the nervous system, and general health.


Happy spring cleaning or spring gardening, whatever your pleasure.


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