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The Adjustment


Chiropractic Adjustments


The aim of the adjustment is to restore spinal mobility. The spinal segments can be likened to a complex electronic gear box that needs to move freely for the car to work efficiently. Restricted spinal segments "or stuck gears" change the capacity to adapt to the environment. For a more in depth explanation follow this link.


Adjustments come in all shapes and sizes. Some require quick movements that may produce a click. Others use a smaller mechanical tool or padded wedges to slowly stretch strong ligaments. All joints of the body can be adjusted and chiropractors are fully trained to deal with and diagnose all forms of injuries.


As well as the adjusting procedures the chiropractor will apply specific deep tissue massage, give postural advice and a whole range of lifestyle advice as required.



Clicks, Cracks and Pops


With many type of adjustments a clicking, cracking or popping noise can be heard. The click does not mean that something is being put back into place. If your spine is truly out of place you would have had to have undergone massive trauma. The spine is generally a very strong structure.


The sound is produced when the joint surfaces are gapped or separated. It is exactly the same sound as when you click the knuckles in your fingers. Contrary to the common myth cracking or gapping the joint will not cause arthritis.


Synovial joints or knuckles are lubricated with a fluid called synovial fluid. When the joint surfaces seperate the pressure inside the joint capsule decreases. The vacuum pressure created forces a rapid release of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas from the fluid, resulting in the pop. It is somewhat analagous to popping the cork from a champagne bottle and having it fizz as the carbon dioxide releases.