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Sports Injury Treatment

A course of chiropractic adjustments can effectively relieve acute pain and discomfort from all sorts of back and joint injuries. Although the spine seems to be the main focus, all joint systems are cared for. Chiropractors have training in physiotherapy techniques as a component of their undergraduate degrees.


Sports injuries are usually associated with the limbs, and their joints. With regard to sports injuries, chiropractic care is an excellent choice. Many top level athletes use chiropractors to manage their sports injuries, and prevent future ones. Tiger Wood, Lance Amstrong and even Arnold Schwarzenegger credit chiropractic care for their success in avoiding injury and improving the performance.


Football injuries, those sustained through rugby and other contact sports, can lead to problems many years into the future. It is wise to seek out care prior to feeling pain and other symptoms, with the goal of maintaining good mobility, muscle strength and coordination.


Knee Injuries


Knee injuries can have a history of chronic re-occurrence due to instability of ligaments, and cartilage damage. In these cases it is vital that the lower spine and pelvis are mobile to allow the thigh and leg muscle to provide additional balanced support and strength.


Hamsting Strains


Recurrent hamstring and groin strains reflect the fact that the pelvis is not mobile enough. Chiropractic adjustments aim to improve mobility and thereby reduce the chance of strain to the muscles. Much like correcting a car's wheel alignment solves the uneven tyre wear.


Tennis Elbow


In the case of tennis elbow a chiropractor will focus on the neck and shoulder looking for the irritation to plexus of nerves from the neck. The irritation results in the muscles and skin around the elbow becoming sore and inflamed.

Foot Problems


Plantar fasciitis is a frustrating pain in the foot at the base of the heel and also commonly called heel spur. We see many cases like this not associated with sports. From a chiropractic perspective it may also indicate irritation of the ligaments supporting the lower pelvic joint, known as the sacroiliac joint. Correcting sitting posture and mobilising the joint helps resolve the condition. We would suggest avoiding cortisone injections into the foot, however your GP should be involved with this decision.


Slipped capital epiphyses, Osgood-Schlatters and Sever's Disease


These are syndromes usually seen in the early to late teens and can be due to the impact on the growth plates of the lower limb. In any young athlete these growth plates should always be considered. Many young sportsmen and women will have had their future careers destroyed by injury to these growth areas.


A chiropractic approach would involve mobilising the lower spine and pelvis to balance up the muscles pulling on the joint thereby reducing irritation.


A slipped capital epiphyses should be managed carefully in association with an orthopaedic specialist due the great risk of future hip joint disease.



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