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Frozen Shoulder & Shoulder Pain

What Is It?


Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendonits, adhesive capsulitis and shoulder pain are frequently used terms to diagnose, and describe, the collection of symptoms that occur with shoulder complaints.


What has caused it?


The most likely cause of the condition will be some form of trauma. The injury may occur through sports, car accidents, or repetitive activities with poor posture. In many cases no acute trauma is involved at all.


The injury scenario is easier to understand if due to tissue damage, and the resultant inflammatory responses. In the case of no obvious injury, and a gradual onset of shoulder pain leading to severely restricted shoulder movement, it can seem more frustrating and difficult to accept.


Who Cares! How can I fix it?


In my experience as I chiropractor, I have found that the common feature of all shoulder problems is the neck, or cervical spine. The nerve roots from the 3rd cervical spine level down to the 4th to 5th thoracic segments may be involved.


The nerves from this portion of the spine directly coordinate the muscles of the neck, shoulder, arm and hands. Pre-existing subluxations probably lead to muscle imbalance, tendon strains and ligament sprains.


The muscles, tendons and ligaments attempt to repair their internal damage, only to be strained and sprained again, as a result of the poor coordination, creating a injury spiral where the condition gets progressively worse.


The Chiropractic Approach.


The chiropractic approach to any upper limb disorder will involve the upper back and neck in particular. Specific adjustments are delivered to areas that show signs of decreased mobility muscle spasm and nerve root irritation.


Recovery of mobility and pain relief of the neck and shoulder should occur over a course of adjustments. In most cases at least 10-12 will be required to get the process started, with follow up care if required in the future.


Other symptoms commonly associated with neck and shoulder pain such as headache, stomach upsets, such as reflux and heartburn, tennis elbow, wrist and hand symptoms may also respond.


It is important to stress that the aim of care is to remedy the mobility of the spinal segments, correct the support functions and allow the neural pathways to restore muscle balance and coordination.

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