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Treatment For Personal Injury Claims

Car Accidents


Injuries from car accidents are commonly seen by medical personnel and physiotherapist in the UK. Many people are unaware that chiropractors are able to manage the acute phase of care as well.


The most important thing to do in the early stages is to assess how bad the injury is. In this case a thorough examination is required and possibly x-rays , MRI or CT scans to examine the extent of the damage. If the injuries are significant, it is more likely that problems will develop in the future once the initial healing has occurred.


Falls, Knocks and Trips


Unfortunately accidents do happen. If this is related to work, or retail environments, public liability insurance is in place to cover the costs associated with the injury. and its impact on your life. Many people are unaware that chiropractic care is a very useful method of resolving these type of injuries. Indeed it is these very types of injury, that left for years, comes into chiropractic clinics as chronic neck and back pain.


The Role of the Chiropractor or Therapist


The role of the chiropractor in this sort of case is too guide you through the process of healing. The old saying of the watched pot never boils is very apt in this regard. Depending on the extent of tissue damage, healing can be from a few weeks to several months. If ligaments and tendons are disrupted ongoing complaints should be expected.


Chiropractic care can help improve and maintain the joint mobility throughout the spine. Advice on exercises and posture will help to rebuild muscle strength and coordination. By improving the mobility this approach to care gives the best chance of returning to a normal lifestyle.

Your General Practitioner, Consultants and Chiropractic


In most case where litigation is involved a medical examination and referral will be required by the insurance company for future cost re-imbursement.


This poses a problem for those wishing to receive chiropractic care. In many cases we have found that GP's, or even consultants, have very little knowledge or experience with chiropractic care. Therefore they rarely suggest or refer directly to a chiropractor.


In this case it is important that you state that you wish to be referred to a chiropractor. In some cases the GP, or specialist, has a relationship with another therapist whom they refer to, you do not however, have to see that person. Remember it is your health and therefore your choice, the consultant is there to offer an opinion and treatment options, which should include chiropractic care.


Your Injury Solicitor and Chiropractic


As with your medical referral you will find that many solicitors have little knowledge of chiropractors or the benefits of care. Chiropractors are capable of managing most moderate injury cases.


If you wish to have your healthcare managed by your chiropractor you will need to tell the solicitor that is your decision. They may have a working relationship with a physiotherapist or other therapist whom they refer to. You do not have to see that person. It should not affect your ability to receive fair compensation and medical costs if you choose to see a chiropractor.


Physiotherapy and Chiropractic


It may seem that chiropractors and physiotherapists do the same thing. Compared to many physiotherapists, most chiropractors have a more extensive training with regard to musculoskeletal and body health.


There is no reason, in most cases, why you cannot combine chiropractic care with physiotherapy exercises and rehab techniques.























It is quite likely that having the head and neck against the head rest will give better protection in the event of a rear impact accident, since the head rest will not accelerate as far before hitting the head and causing whiplash.