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Back Pain and Musculo-skeletal Complaints

Chiropractic can be a very efficient remedy for back pain, neck pain and headaches, as well as shoulder to wrist, and hip to foot conditions.


As reflected during the development of the early foetus, our muscles, joints and bones are interconnected through the nervous system.


Sports injuries, car acidents, falls and trips are common ways for problems to begin. It can take several years to see the effects on the body, or feel the symptoms. Like tooth decay, it takes time for the damage to occur.

Improve Mobility


Chiropractic care will improve mobility of the joints throughout the body, and particularily the spine and pelvis. Improved mobility stimulates the nervous system and reduces the perception of pain.


Pain is used by the nervous system to promote movement. This makes sense when thinking of animal survival. Pain motivates an animal to remain active rather than stopping and resting, which would lead to starvation or predation.

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