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How Long and How Much ?

How Long?


The time, and number of adjustments you require, will be discussed with you at your Initial Assessment visit. In general, the majority of clients will require a series of adjustments over a six to eight week schedule.


We offer three phases of care.




This is the care provided when you have active symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, upper and lower limb syndromes. A schedule of between 10 to 20 adjustments over 8 weeks is required.


Shorter schedules are given in the case of children and clients seeking uncomplicated wellness care.




After completing the Initial Intensive Care schedule, several follow up adjustments, at fortnightly to monthly intervals, ensures that symptoms remain controlled and muscles, ligaments and tendons can strengthen.




When the spine has strengthened and symptoms have abated, or been controlled, we suggest having adjustments at 4, 6, 8 or 12 week intervals.


The goal with this type of care is to promote and enhance general health. You have committed to getting well, it makes sense to stay well.

How Much?


A typical schedule of 12 adjustments for Initial Intensive Care will cost £325. The schedule would be broken down as:


                            2 x week for 6 weeks


On the 11th visit we will re-scan your spine to record your muscle activity and gather information about your progress. On the 12th visit we will discuss our findings and make further recommendations with regard to your care.


As a rule our recommendation is to continue having regular chiropractic care. We will discuss what frequency would best suit you. In some case weekly care is best if some symptoms are still a challenge. I other situations practice members are self reliant enough to visit less frequently, say every 2 months.


You may prepay for your sessions and receive a discount or simply pay as you go



Our Family rate of £65 applies to a limited number of family members who attend together.

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