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552 Durham Road, Low Fell NE9 6HX

0191 4911006

0191 4911006

Life Chiropractic Gateshead Chiropractor

552 Durham Road, Low Fell, NE9 6HX

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"Chiropractic is a lifestyle approach that focuses on the importance of maintaining a tuned, healthy body, and a healthy mind.


Stimulating the nervous system, improving posture and diet, and living well are the goals of our care.


Good health is a choice that only you can make. We can help with the effort." 

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You do not require a GP, hospital or physiotherapy referral to visit our chiropractor in Gateshead

We are able give you an independant second opinion and discuss your options.

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Dr Jonathon and James O'Malley are

now the proud owners of Life Chiropractic.