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Hip pain and Knee pain

What Is It?


Hip and knee pain, as well as ankle and foot problems, can be caused by problems in the lower spine and pelvis. The hip and knee joints are very prone to osteoarthritis (it means joint inflammation) which can be painful and debiltating.


What has caused it?


The pain is a protective response to the injury, or poor movement in the joint and supporting joints, ligaments and muscles. Over many years the bone and cartilage change shape as the body attempts to repair damage. The joint repair can be poor and incomplete leading to the development of arthrosis (which means joint and bone change).


How can I fix it?


Fixing osteoarthritis is a bit optimistic. Managing it is probably a better attitude to take. Unfortunately when joint damage has occurred it is usually permanent, a bit like tooth decay. Like teeth the problems can be managed.


From a medical perspective anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers are the treatment of choice in the acute phase ( see your GP or pharmacist for advice). If you want to avoid medication a cold pack can offer good relief in the short term as well. Chronic and severe damage will most likely require surgery to remove debris, or replace joints altogether.


From a physical therapy point of view, strengthening the muscles around the joints and improving movement are important. A chiropractor, physiotherapist, occupational health clinician, or fitness instructor are the best people for this advice.


From a chiropractors point of view, ensuring that the coordination of the muscles and joints, above and below the affected area, is vital. If the spinal joints at the low back level are involved, hip and knee pain results due to changes in the nerve supply and coordination to the legs.

The Chiropractic Approach.


The chiropractic approach to any lower limb disorder will involve the lower back and pelvis in particular, as well as the painful and arthritic joint. Specific adjustments are delivered to areas that show signs of chiropractic subluxations.


Recovery of mobility, and pain relief of the involved areas, should occur over a course of adjustments. In most cases at least 10-12 will be required to get the process started, with follow up care if required in the future.


An apt metaphor to explain the approach is the servicing and tuning of a car. If your car starts running badly you could learn to drive it differently, or use it less often. The best approach of course would be to have it properly tuned and serviced so that you are able to use the vehicle to its optimum potential


It is important to stress that the aim of care is to remedy the mobility of the spinal segments and allow the neural pathways to restore muscle balance and coordination.

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