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Health and Wellness




To be honest, at this present time we don't know all that is required.


However, based on the what we do know, making the effort to move well, eat well and think well is the best approach.


Exercise vigourously for at least 30 minutes per day, stretch your muscles and joints daily, and maintain good posture.


Eat modestly. Consume high nutrient, low energy foods such as vegetables, as well as cold water fish, high in omega 3 fatty acids. A multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement might be a good idea as well.


Be mindful of your thoughts, cultivate a supportive family and social life, and help others. 

Health and wellness, or the general concept of wellbeing, is the goal of chiropractic care. It is achievable when the balance between the stress of living is balanced by the lifestyle we lead.


Current medical thinking attributes lifestyle as the underlying cause of 80-90% of all disease.  Therefore, to achieve longevity, with quality of life, we need to optimize all the apsects of our daily life that allow us to adapt to the environment.


How we live; by our choices, habits, or ignorance, directly impacts our health potential.