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Headaches and Migraines Treatment

What Causes Them?


There are unfortunately a lot of things that cause headaches. Thankfully most of them are quite benign, but can still be lifestyle threatening. A headache to be concerned about will a be one with constant dull pain, muzzy thinking and waking at night with pain. Any headache accompanied by a fever and a stiff neck needs to be viewed with caution as this may indicate meningitis.


The neck is a common cause of headache, and is referred to as a cervicogenic headache. Osteoarthritis of the neck joints, commonly known as spondylosis, muscle spasm, ligament strains and poor head posture when sitting, can lead to headache symptoms.


Migraines are considered to be at the extreme end of a headache continuim that ranges from mild tension headaches to migraine. The migraine symptoms of visual changes and blinding headache, with light sensitivity, are thought to be the result of spasm of the arteries in and around the brain.


How can I fix them?


In most cases a painkillers are used in the treatment of the milder forms of headache and migraine. Adequate rest, fluids and food should be consumed in future to avoid tiredness and stress. Sitting in a balanced posture will also help.


Chiropractic adjustments may be beneficial by dealing with the joint, nerve and muscle irritation. These can be the underlying cause of the headache, where the day to day activities aggravate them and leads to the pain attack.


Most of the structures in upper neck, face and head in general, send sensory information, via the upper spinal cord and lower brain stem, to the sensory cortex in the brain. Too much sensation from the head and neck overloads the system and may produce the illusion of headache pain.


Chiropractic Care for Headache and Migraine.


The chiropractor analyzes the spine for signs of restricted movements and muscle spasm. The areas involved may be away for the neck such as the lower back, upper back and shoulders.


The low back needs to be considered as well since tension in muscles and joints of the lower spine can place tension on the spinal nerves and cord. The lining around the spinal cord and nerves is called the meninges. It is sensitive to stretch.


Spinal adjustments aim to restore mobility, as well as stretch  ligaments and muscles in the area. After several sessions symptoms should begin to resolve. What we are looking for is a decrease in the intensity of symptoms, duration of the pain or symptoms, and the frequency of the pain or symptoms.


If symptoms are not resolving within 8-10 sessions it is time to investigate further.





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