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GP Referral Not Required

A GP referral is not required for you to visit our chiropractor. You are free to attend whenever you wish since we operate purely as a private clinic. We can contact your GP if necessary to advise of your test results.


Under the previous NHS Trust system it has been very difficult for your GP to refer you for chiropractic care. The new approach where the GP can access services via the Clinical Commissioning Group structure may provide an opportunity for patients to ask to be referred to a recognised chiropractor for their practice.


It would pay to ask your GP if chiropractic services are available. If not there is now a greater possibility to allow it to be purchased directly by your medical clinic.


A very good way to bring these changes about in your local medical clinic is to become an active member of your practice patient group. These groups now have an important role in determining what services, both in and outside the NHS, your GP's need to purchase.

Problems with GP Referral?

We have encountered the situation where some of our clients have been told they cannot receive chiropractic care whilst they are getting tests, or seeing the practice physiotherapist.


This is not technically true. If the chiropractic care compromises your GP recommended care this would be accurate. However most GP's have very little knowledge of how chiropractors work, and physiotherapists are poorly placed to make that decision as well. They should contact your chiropractor to determine in mutual care is appropriate.


If you are unsure of your situation please give us a call or send us a message with the link beside this article.


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No GP Referral Required