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Fibromyalgia has gained recognition in recent years as diagnosable disease. It literally translates into pain in the tendons and muscles. The orthodox medical profession has had a lot of trouble dealing with the management of this complaint, not dissimilar to the difficulty generally seen with low back pain management.




As any fibromyalgia sufferer knows, there is more to the condition than just the aches and pains in the joints and muscles. There can also be great fatigue, unresolved by rest, mild depression, stomach complaints, and a whole host of other conditions that add to the misery. The problem for a lot of people is the inability to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Medical test are either negative or reveal mild imbalances. Therein lies the problem.


Diagnosis of last resort


If medical test are essentially negative it is very hard to come to a firm diagnosis. Fibromyalgia becomes the diagnosis of last resort. As a result treatment becomes a trial and error application of various pain relief and muscle relaxants, alongside medication for depression. The psychological consequences are such that many sufferers are in counselling or support groups to help manage their self image.

The Chiropractic Approach


Chiropractic is uniquely placed to manage fibromyalgia because it fundamentally deals with the balance or tone of the central nervous system. The spinal system, and body in general, should ideally be well coordinated for our emotional and physical worlds to adapt to the environment. Imbalance will lead to poor performance and ultimately poor health.


The term dysponesis has been proposed to describe imbalance in the body's harmonious coordination, or lack of coherence.


Fibromyalgia Tune-Up


A chiropractor will aim to stimulate the central nervous system using spinal adjustments and also look at dietary challenges and other lifestyle issues. The nervous system, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system and immune system are constantly communicating in response to environmental and internal challenges. Clearing these communication channels is vital for improvement in fibromyalgia.


You have got to re-tune your engine before you can expect to drive it efficiently. Learning how to modify your driving will not tune the car. In the same way, just changing how you live life will not correct fibromyalgia, or many other problems unless you also address the ability of the body to perceive itself, or nervous system tuning.

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