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0191 4911006

Life Chiropractic Gateshead Chiropractor

552 Durham Road, Low Fell, NE9 6HX

Clinic Fees


New Patient Assessment              £59


Regular Adjustment                         £33


Pension Rate                                £27


Student Rate                                       £22


Children Under 10 years                £11


Children Under 5 years               No Charge

(Where parent is a current practice member)


Family Rate                                         £70

(All family members attend together)

Missed Appointment Fee


Please note that we will charge the normal adjustment fee for all missed appointments, and appointments where there has been less than 24 hours notice to change or cancel.


We desperately want to avoid this situation, therefore, we are able to telephone or text you a reminder of your appointment timand date at your convenience.

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The Value of Your Investment


We consider your health to be your most important asset. If you are looking for a cheap, quick fix, this is probably not for you!


We take our responsibilty to look after you very seriously, and as such, have invested a lot of effort into creating a winning formula. Each visit builds upon the next, so it is vital that you consider the fact that you will require a series of adjustments initially.


The average initial intensive care schedule will entail 12 sessions over a six week period and will cost £396.


Each session that you attend will include advice, education, and total support, so that you can achieve the goal of rebuilding your health.


There is the option of regular follow up adjustments, or maintenance care at 4, 6, or 8 weeks, once your inital complaint has settled.


Payment Plans


You can recieve a discount on your fees by pre-paying and booking your course of adjustments.


12 sessions    Prepay  Regular £363    Save £33



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