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0191 4911006

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Family Lifestyle Care

Chiropractic care should be a family affair.


Our goal is to provide whole family care from toddlers to grandparents. Adults can have health issues dealt with, or simply keep things mobile, and children can be assessed early to prevent development of future problems.


Why have children checked?


It is our opinion that the origin of spinal subluxation, or mobility problems of the spine, begin at an early age. For instance, think of childhood colic as baby whiplash. Birth can place up to 40 pounds on pressure on a baby's head and neck. Not surprisingly this can cause them to be a bit grumpy for several weeks.


Most children have various tumbles and falls as a natural part of their development. Generally, their bodies will handle them well and completely resolve mild sprains and strains. Unfortunately some knocks, along with poor posture, dietary challenges and lack of exercise will create the right conditions for problems to begin.


                                         £65 for the whole family!


For example, if parents attend with their children and the grandparents the fee is still £65!

The only condition is that everyone attends at the same time.

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