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Driving Posture

Car Seat Design


The modern motor vehicle is manufactured with safety and comfort in mind. The engineers who develop the designs work very hard to ensure that in an accident we are protected as much as possible.


When it comes to the comfort of the driver, and passengers, several factors need to be considered. Things such as, how easy is it to get into and out of the vehicle, where is the support and how adjustable will it be, what material is used, does it  wear well, exchange heat and moisture etc.


Most vehicle seats will provide an adjustable lumbar support as standard in the drivers side seat. Most other seats are bucket effect and cup the passengers.


Comfort versus Performance


The effectiveness of seated posture support has commonly been assessed based on the sensation of comfort of the occupier. Although important, we can draw incorrect conclusion from the results. Take for instance an assessment of the dietary value of chocolate or broccoli based on how comfortable it tastes!

Pelvic Support


As with seated posture we recommend using a support cushion in addition to the car seat, placed over, or just below the belt line. The seat back may be reclined to between 90-110 degrees to rest the muscles.


In this position you will find that your head sits comfortably on the head rest. You may find that your belly sticks out a little. This is fine since it encourages lower abdominal pressure and as a result lower blood pressure.


If you find your head wants to lean forward away from the headrest, your support and seat back are not in the correct position.























It is quite likely that having the head and neck against the head rest will give better protection in the event of a rear impact accident, since the head rest will not accelerate as far before hitting the head and causing whiplash.


Poor head posture

Lumbar Support allows the head and neck to poke forward away from the head rest