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Complaints Procedure

General Chiropractic Council


It is a requirement of the General Chiropractic Council's Code of Practice that a complaints procedure is in place within the practice.


We welcome all patients to discuss their concerns about our clinic procedures and staff conduct with us.


We follow strict procedures so that your care with us and handling of your time is consistent. Therefore we would like to know if we are failing in these areas.


Complaint Procedure


If you feel comfortable please feel free to talk to our chiropractors, or front desk staff members, about the situation immediately. Most problems occur if we have not communicated clearly.


If you wish to make a more formal complaint you may do so in person, by telephone, a letter or via e-mail.


We will acknowledge and follow up a written complaint within 2 days. This will include the name of the person handling the investigation of your complaint


We will ask you to have a meeting to discuss your complaint in person and would encourage you to bring a relative or friend. All details of the meeting will be confidential.


We will write to you to confirm the outcome of our investigation and where necessary apologise to you and correct our procedures.


Taking things Further


If we are unable to resolve your complaint we will forward it to our professional association.


You have the right to contact the relevant chiropractic association (Scottish Chiropractic Association), or the General Chiropractic Council yourself if you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint.


The GCC have provided details and a booklet about their complaint procedure. Please follow the links provided.


GCC Complaints Link

Complaint Booklet