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Many of us spend a good potion of our day sitting due to work requirements or travelling committments . We begin sitting in manufactured chairs from reception year at school until we leave formal education. Many of us continue to sit into our careers. Therefore ergonomic advice and seat design have become an important part of our work and leisure activities.


Lumbar Support or Pelvic Support?


The common advice for seated posture is to provide support at the level of the lumbar spine so that the lumbar curve is maintained. A cushion or seat support is a common solution and most modern office chairs and car seats provide this option as standard.


Is lumbar support correct or even necessary?


The lumbar curve is created by the forward tilt of the pelvic structure as it carries the body weight over the hip sockets.


The spine, in human bipedal posture, has evolved to protect the spinal cord and brain, with gravity acting from the head down through the spine and into the hips. The position of the joints and the forces that stimulate muscles, ligaments and tendons are very important. Alteration of these positions, and forces, will change the protective, supportive and mobility functions of the spine.


We do not have a support forcing our lumbar spine into a curve when standing


Pelvic Support


A more biomechanically correct method of creating a lumbar curve when sitting is to tilt the pelvis forward as in the standing posture. This can be achieved in several ways, such as placing a cushion at the level of the belt line, angling the seat base down at the front or perching on the edge of the seat. The spine will feel a little unstable until you get used to the position, however the instability is vital since the mobilty is what maintains disc and joint nutrition. The lower back is the foundation upon which the neck, shoulder and head posture is built. Without the pelvic tilt the rest of the spine will not be supported correctly, or experience normal joint stimulation.


Pelvic support allows more normal spinal mobility when sitting.


A support cushion or roll placed on the belt line or just below it will help you maintain correct posture.

Posterior Pelvis

Pelvic and low back joints and ligaments are designed to take the load of the body when the pelvis is in the forwarded tilted position.

Better Seated Posture