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Back Pain Relief

                  Use a gel cold pack if possible

                Wrap in thin dry cold                                              

                            Apply for 10-15 minutes

                             Remove for 10 minutes


                                  Note of Caution:

          It is important not to leave the ice on the skin for  

             more than 15 minutes. An ice burn may result.


Initial Assessment

Back pain can be a distressing condition, not only due to the discomfort felt, but also due to the impact it has on family life and work as well. At the Gateshead Chiropractic our opinion is that there is no such thing as a bad back. You body is just telling you to deal with it. Our goal is to get people out of discomfort as quickly as possible, and educate them in how to prevent re-occurrance.

The Chiropractic Approach


Most people will have already visited their GP and received good advice on how to remedy the discomfort of back pain. Pain killers, anti-inflammatories and a course of physiotherapy have usually been prescribed. You may have also tried an osteopath or massage therapist


If these simple approaches have not been successful, spinal adjustments by a chiropractor may offer the solution. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore mobility of the joints, and protection to the nerves in the region.


Movement in general is an excellent promoter of good health and healing.

Even with severe back pain the adjustments a usually quite comfortable.

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