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A simple ice pack is a very effective pain killer and anti-inflammatory. The cold numbs the nerve endings causing the pain signal and reduces the blood supply for a short period of time thereby reducing swelling.


Note of Caution


It is important not to leave the ice on the skin for more than 15 minutes. An ice burn may result.


A specialised gel cold pack works best, although ice cubes in a plastic bag or a bag of frozen peas will do if nothing else is at hand

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Self Help Advice

Back Pain Advice

Back pain is the body's reaction to poor function, or injury to the spine. In the case of short term pain it is important to realise that the body is a self repairing system. Usually, the injury will resolve itself in a few days to weeks. The pain can be dealt with by using simple pain relief remedies or an ice pack.


At Sunderland Chiropractic Clinic we consider back pain to be normal and generally not serious. Our free initial assessment is designed to allow you to get an opinion on whether your complaint has a more serious origin, and to offer advice on options for care. Hopefully your GP is aware of your troubles, however it is not necessary for you to be reffered to a chiropractor. You can make your appointment directly with us.


Ignoring ongoing symptoms is not a good idea, therefore we would suggest having someone assess your complaint to rule out disease and future problems.


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